Find the perfect team match with AI

Help employer to find right talents that builds strong team chemistry and deliver best results.

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How Bodha Helps

Find Right Talent & Reduce Attrition Rate

Bodha’s quest is to fill in the gaps for employers, in addition to assessing a candidate’s resume, by following a unique methodology that gives high priority to both cognitive and technical skills.

  • Finding best talent through cognitive science and AI makes recruiting process efficient.
  • Serving right talent removes the guesswork out of technical recruitment process..
  • Greater sense of fulfillment reduces attrition rate of employees.

Building Better Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion ability of the person is identified through our assessments.

  • Team Cohesion establishes strong relationship which will boost productivity.
  • Team members come up with unique and creative ideas which will promote innovation.
  • Team collaboration will enhance communication skills which will facilitate conflict resolution.

Measure Personality & Emotional Intelligence

Our cognitive science approach helps to measure the personality skills and emotional intelligence of the candidates for best fit in the team.

  • Measurement of skills like honesty, openness and agreeableness.
  • Compute leadership abilities and management skills.
  • Determine vocational interest such as investigative, artistic, social and etc.

Hire Top Talent at Scale Through AI

Leveraging AI, Bodha helps you in hiring a top talent at scale with personality traits, leadership abilities and team cohesion which leads to great success.

  • Evaluate at scale.
  • Achieve higher quality of hiring .
  • Achieve higher quality of hiring AI leads Bodha to find the best fit - where talent will grow and company will flourish.

How Bodha Works

Post a Job

Bodha enables you to post your job in just few minutes.

Early Screening

Employees skills, attitudes and personality are evaluated at early stage to estimate their strengths and weaknesses.

Get Top Talent

Based on machine learning and AI based model, Bodha will help you find top candidates