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Bodha enables people find meaningful employment and helping employer build great company using AI and Cognitive Science.

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Our Story


Finding the perfect person for a job and perfect job for the person is not only difficult but a frustrating process. Collecting job applications and to find the right applicant is a very tough job and a wastage of time. So we are here to make your work easy. We are on a mission to make recruitment process fairer, faster and based on personality skills, not only CVs.


We aim to help employer to find right candidates with proper team cohesion and fit. It helps them decrease employee attrition rate while allowing them more time to focus on building a great company. Moreover, we also aim to support candidate finding a flawless job that is perfectly relevant to their personality, technical skills and experience. It makes them happy and satisfactory.

Our Leadership

  • Karl Cadet

    Karl Cadet brings more than 20+ years of extensive and diversified experience in IT dedicated to Fortune 100 enterprise business solutions in areas like Legal Compliance, Cyber Security, Trade and etc. He has directed large technology implementation efforts focusing on delivering timely and accurate information to all Enterprise levels. Karl has managed global teams responsible for prompt problem resolution supporting mission critical and federally compliant Risk/Credit and Legal Compliant Management Systems. He also ran his own consulting company for twenty years as President of Cadet Enterprises Inc (CEI). Now, Karl Cadet brings his leadership experience to Bodha focused on overall operations, the cognitive science aspect of our solution and implementation of the Bodha project as Managing Partner.
  • John A. Johnson, Ph.D.

    John A. Johnson is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Pennsylvania State University. He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on the personality and evolutionary psychology of moral and educational development, career choice, and work performance. Dr. Johnson is a recognized expert on computerized psychological measurement. Over a million persons have completed his on-line personality test, which was designated a Yahoo! Incredibly Useful Site of the Day. Dr. Johnson is currently assisting us as an advisor for the development of our cognitive science algorithms.
  • Sathish Pammi, Ph.D.

    Sathish Pammi is our Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, and author/co-author of more than 35 international publications in the area of Human Machine Interaction. Specifically, his expertise consists of conversational systems, speech synthesis, social signal processing and affective computing. Presently, Sathish is the Chief Architect and founding partner in the Bodha project.
  • Philip Herman

    Highly effective marketer with proven success in generating business growth and cultivating key business relationships. Phil is recognized for his ability to interpret analytics and generate sales and conversion within highly competitive industries.
  • Fabienne Cadet, Ph.D.

    Fabienne Cadet holds a PhD in Marketing, a Master’s degree in Marketing Management; and a B.S. in Marketing with a concentration in International Business. She is currently a full-time professor and researcher. Fabienne is engaged with the development and implementation of Bodha’s marketing strategy.

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