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Enabling employers to focus on building great companies and candidates to find meaningful employment opportunities through our cutting edge AI based solution.

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How Bodha Helps

Smart Screening Through Cognitive Science

Our screening process measures personality and emotional intelligence of candidates which leads to a growth and satisfaction for both - Employers and Candidates.

  • Assist employers in finding most suitable candidates for their team and reduce attrition rate.
  • Assist candidates in finding most suitable employment and achieve job satisfaction.

Hire and Get Hired Through Artificial Intelligence

Our AI based solution will help employers to hire top talents with more accuracy. It also helps candidates by suggesting matched posted jobs based on their personality and skills.

  • Leads to a great success for both - employers and candidates.
  • Leads Bodha to find best fit - where talent will grow and company will flourish.

Our Solution - Bodha AI

For Employers

Find the perfect team match with AI

For Candidates

Get the perfect Job that really meets your personality and skills

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